Project overview

About the project

In 2016, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), which governs international shipping, decided to cut sulphur limits in marine fuel from 3.5% to 0.5% in 2020.

GREENing the BLUE presents the full-scale demonstration of a tiltable patented suction sail (eSAIL) which reduces fuel use and pollutants emissions of the maritime transport sector by an average of 30%. 

This is critical for an industry looking for more efficient propulsion systems and emissions reduction.

The solution is suitable for both retrofitting and new builds and almost every type of vessel, it does not require additional crew and is tiltable, allowing its implementation in vessels in which other less efficient solutions cannot be installed. The generated savings allow payback of 3 years, never reached before by any other solution. The solution is completed with a user-friendly automated monitoring and control system and a route optimization software.

In the GREENing the BLUE project, we have implemented bound4blue’s novel turnkey solution on a merchant vessel, La Naumon®, which will navigate in Europe and worldwide following Ferdinand Magellan route in its 500 years from the round the world trip.

Photo: La Fura dels Baus.


The suctio sail (eSAIL) is completely tiltable, ensuring safety during harsh weather and at port operations.


Rotation around the mast to maximize wingsail thurst on any wind condition.



Self-operation and self-diagnostics, so no additional crew or training is required to operate it.


Certification and class approval to ensure compliance with all regulations.

Work packages

Suction sail adaptation phase

To adapt all parts, systems and works to be performed in order ro transform a regular dry bulk merchant vessel into a wind-assisted vessel (custom-made reconversion).

Construction and implementation phase

To manufacture all the custom-made equipment and to execute the vessel retrofitting.

Sea trials

To validate the adequate behaviour of the wind-assisted vessel and evaluate the performances obtained under real conditions.

Commercialisation and communication

To define the communication and the commercialisation strategy executed after project finalisation.


Up-scaling, customising, and Constructing the full-scale system

Up-scaling, customising, and constructing the full-scale version of the suction sail (eSAIL) system for merchant vessels.

Up-scaling and customisation of the automated control system

Adapted to a merchant vessel operation (to eliminate the need for training of the crew and man-hours).

Optimising the route-optimisation software

To improve its functionalities and make it more user-friendly.

Improving materials and installing the SUCTION SAIL (eSAIL)

Improving eSAIL materials with Lanitz and installing the suction sail and automated control system on a merchant vessel: in collaboration with a major shipyard in Europe, Astander and a shipowner, La Fura dels Baus, who provides the ship for the installation.

Running demo journeys in Europe and worldwide

This will be an unique opportunity for project dissemination since this cargo vessel is also the platform of La Fura dels Baus worldwide performances.

Turn-key solution standardisation

Definition and standardisation of the whole turn-key process in order to provide an integrated and fast-response solution to clients, from design, to implementation and O&M.


Preparing the route for full commercialisation with the needed stakeholders.